Research related to art, craft and design education is commissioned or carried out by professional organisations, higher education institutions and government agencies. This section alerts you to research activities and reports.

  • NSEAD Research report 2015-2016 NSEAD February 2016
    The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) has recently published the latest (2015-2016) research report into the impact of government policies on our subject over the last five years. This is an important report and should be read by everyone interested in art and design education. click here for a copy of the report
  • Arts Education: Warwick Report Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth. 2015
    This report is the result of a one-year investigation undertaken by a diverse group of cultural leaders, supported by academics from the University of Warwick. The report argues that the Cultural and Creative Industries are one entity, an ecosystem, which is becoming increasingly important to British life, the British economy, and Britain’s place in the world. It calls for joined-up policy making and a national plan for the sector that maximises cultural, economic and social return. The Commission’s analysis throws down a sharp challenge to all those who value how culture enriches people’s lives and makes a range of recommendations as to how we can ensure everyone has access to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life.” Click here for the report.
  • Assessment: Report of the NAHT Commission on Assessment. February 2014.
    Following the abandonment of nationally defined levels of achievement the NAHT commissioned a report to establish some national principles for assessment in schools in the absence of government approved system of level. The NAHT Commission was chaired by Lord Sutherland of Houndwood. The report provides a good summary of the issues and principles surrounding assessment and makes various proposals. Click here for a copy of the report.
  • Assessment: The impact of the ‘Assessing Pupils Progress’ initiative, OFSTED 2011.
    This OFSTED research report considers the impact of the Assessing pupil’s progress’ initiative in 14 secondary schools and 25 primary schools. Although the publication is a few years old it does inform beliefs and attitudes towards assessment which continue to have relevance.  Click here for a copy of the report.
  • Assessment: Pre-Degree Summative Assessment in Art, Design and Media Study. University of the Arts, Sept 2014. Dr Claire Robins, Dr Gwyneth Hughes, Miriam Craik-Horan.
    Pre-degree qualifications vary in their appropriateness as a preparation for degree level study in Art, Design and Media subjects. Moreover, the influence that assessment procedures have on determining student outcomes and learning experiences deserves further attention. This report presents findings from research into summative assessment in pre-degree awards for Art Design and Media.
    Click here for the paper.
  • College of Teaching: Taking Teacher Development Seriously: A proposal to establish a national teaching institution for teacher professional development in England. Tim Brighouse and Bob Moon, Jan 2013, Newvisions for Education Group.
    In this paper the authors explore the state of teacher development and training in the UK and compare it with examples from other parts of the world. Their conclusions are: “We believe that teacher development should become more relevant, a great deal more interesting and be more sharply attuned to improving teaching and learning in ways that demonstrably raise the bar of pupil achievement. We believe that a new model of teacher development is best planned by teachers.”
    Click here for the paper
  • Subject Review: Making a Mark: art, craft and design education 2008-11. Ofsted, March 2012 
    This report evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of art, craft and design education in schools and colleges in England. It is based principally on subject inspections of 96 primary schools, 91 secondary schools and seven special schools between 2008 and 2011. Part A focuses on the key inspection findings in the context of the continued popularity of the subject with pupils and students. Part B considers how well the concerns about inclusion, creativity and drawing raised in Ofsted’s 2008 report, Drawing together: art, craft and design in schools, have been addressed.
    Click here for the report

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