The Expert Subject Advisory Groups were initially established and funded by the DfE in 2012 to advise on the support required to implement the new primary curriculum. However, their work quickly expanded to cover Key Stage 3 and a wider focus on subject support in general. In 2014 the ESAGs are no longer funded by the government and have become an independent not-for-profit network of groups set up by leading educationalists to provide subject specific guidance and support for schools and teachers throughout England. There are ESAGs in all subjects and this website supports the work of the art, craft and design ESAG.

Agreed Broad Aims for ESAGs:

  1. Collaborate to create forums to support the dissemination of coherent independent advice and guidance;
  2. Create collaborative forums, building on existing work, for evidence and information exchange between professionals relating to specific subjects and generic related areas;
  3. Provide expert advice and guidance for all primary and secondary schools, including advice relating to curriculum change and its implementation;
  4. Work with subject associations and other bodies to identify contextually appropriate areas of subject-specific, pedagogic research consensus and scholarship to classroom teachers;
  5. Identify and disseminate subject specific relationships between evidence, ethics and pragmatics that constitute effective practice to classroom teachers, in terms of pupil outcomes;
  6. Develop work with publishers, exploring the issues of what constitutes effective procurement procedures and processes for schools;
  7. Collaborate to support the effective provision of subject specific CPD across the sector;
  8. Offer independent advice to policy makers.

click here for the Terms of Reference for the Expert Subject Advisory Groups.

click here for the Constitution of the Expert Subject Advisory Groups.

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