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Art Spark

Ideas for professional sharing and professional development.

The presentation below was developed by Eileen Adams and Dan China to explore the use of Adobe Spark Pages as a vehicle for professional sharing.

This idea came from discussions at an ESAG meeting about the need for new ways for communities of teachers to meet and share practice. The old ways of face to face twilight meetings between teachers from different schools is no longer possible for many teachers, although NSEAD network meetings in some areas are well supported. Recent, research by NSEAD confirms that most teachers of art and design have no access to subject based support and networking.

The question was whether there could be new ways for digitally experienced teachers to engage in professional sharing. Facebook forums are sometimes helpful but by their nature tend to be superficial, eclectic, populist and lack any quality control. It was felt that Adobe Spark might provide teachers with opportunities to create and share practice and ideas which were easy to create and yet fully professional.


Click here for Art Spark 2. This is a second demonstration Spark that was made while experimenting. Click here for some notes that we made about the use of this software.

We hope colleagues will find this interesting and that it will encourage further reflection on professional sharing in a digital,age.

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