Professional development

Teachers are constantly alert for opportunities to extend their professional knowledge and skills. This section identifies examples of professional development, where teachers and other educators involved in art, craft and design education have been engaged in activities to explore new ideas or consider different approaches to learning and teaching.

  • Research Survey: The NSEAD has completed a research survey of art, craft and design educators in 2014. Click here for the findings and report.
  • Guidance for progression, assessment, recording and reporting: The NSEAD were quick to respond to the new national curriculum by developing and publishing guidance for progression, assessment, recording reporting and curriculum planning in response to the new curriculum.. This work was published in two papers one for secondary and one for primary schools.
    Click here for the guidance for EYFS and Primary KS1-2
    Click here for the guidance for KS3-4
  • Publications spreadsheet: The ESAG began their work by undertaking an audit of publications and resources which might support the new national curriculum (2014). The data was entered into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis. The ESAG does not claim that these lists of publications are fully comprehensive but they are of interest.
    Click here for a copy of the spreadsheet, which is searchable.

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