Fundamental British Values in art and design education

The NSEAD has produced a paper to define the fundamental British values that are supported by art and design education. Click here for a copy.

Equality and respect for all others, not only those who have different faiths or beliefs, should be at the heart of every school, clearly reflected in day-to-day interactions and in pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  The Equality Act 2010 provides an excellent framework for this, structured around 9 “protected characteristics” (age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage or civil partnership; pregnancy & maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; and sexual orientation) and placing on all public bodies, including schools, the public sector equality duty.  The general duty requires schools to: eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation; advance equality of opportunity; and foster good relations between those who have a protected characteristic and those who do not.