NSEAD 2015 Survey – art and design in schools

The NSEAD (National Society for Education on Art and Design – the subject association for art http://www.nsead.com) does an annual survey to investigate trends in art and design in schools. Last year the survey documented the emerging (negative) impact of eBac on art uptake and provision. You will understand, even better than me, how the continuing programme being pursued by the government is likely to have an increasing impact on our subject. There is no one else collecting subject specific data. HMI no longer undertakes subject reviews. NSEAD is probably the only national voice for art and design education in schools and it does have access to the national debate. It is really important that their research and data is seen as robust and therefore, their sample size needs to be as large as we can make it.

Here is the link to the 2014 survey results. This has informed the work of the ESAG and debate in parliament and elsewhere http://www.nsead.org/Downloads/NSEAD_ART_CRAFT_AND_DESIGN_EDUCATOR_SURVEY_REPORT_2014.pdf

The 2015 survey can be accessed at the URL below. It is important to encourage as many art teachers as possible to complete the survey and provide an accurate picture of our subject.


We hope you will be able to complete the survey and share this with many of your colleagues.

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